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The North Texas Chapter's purpose is three fold:

  • To support Florida College and its ideals,
  • To help promote attendance to Florida College by offering scholarships, and
  • To provide young people and their families wholesome activities and entertainment.

Become a Booster

Volunteer organizations such as ours are constantly in need of reinforcements. We invite you, our friends and fellow alumni in the North Texas area to consider being a part of our chapter.

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What is Flordia College?

Why would I want to send my child there? Florida College is a small private college that promotes the Christian values that we have instilled in our children. It is located in Temple Terrace, Florida just outside of Tampa. Along with Bible classes and devotions daily, Florida College offers a rigorous education in an encouraging environment. With a variety of programs to choose from, the college provides a higher education with a biblical perspective to help your student realize their full academic potential. 17 programs are offered by highly qualified, caring faculty that take an interest in your personal, academic and spiritual development. Students have the opportunity to build relationships with their professors that will last a lifetime. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to send your child to a college that encourages your student to grow spiritually as well as academically! Please go to www.floridacollege.edu to find out more information!

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